Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour (Addon)

Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour (Addon)

A real time strategy game, which offers the player a new set of possibilities
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After many years of playing Real time strategy games, I have come to the conclusion that any package that reads "Command & Conquer" is a guarantee. And after more than 10 years releasing different versions of this game, all his sequels have proofed to be as good as the original Command & Conquer one. Now in this new part, Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour, the user will have the chance to conquer the whole world in a global warfare with all new kinds of elite army corpses, weapons and technology. Generals Zero hour can be played with 3 teams: The Chinese, the Terrorist, and, of course, the American one. Now it seems that they left the Russians rest a little bit ;) or maybe they are bugged by other games. It would not make me wonder if we find on the shelf one day "Command & Conquer Colombia's Cartel" or something like this. Along 15 missions, the user will have the opportunity to destroy the American marine fleet in the Mediterranean, to infiltrate in the intelligence service or to eradicate a dissident group at Cairo. This and many features are available in this new edition.

Rodrigo Rodriguez
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